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Annie McCleary, director of Wisdom of the Herbs School, an herbal apprenticeship type program Annie McCleary M.A. - Annie offers the wisdom of over thirty-five years of direct connection with the local wild herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees in northeast North America. Her teachings focus on field identification, wild edibles, herbal home remedies, sustainable harvesting practices, and communicating with the spirit of the plants, and are grounded in her deeply intuitive connection with the plant people as well as years of study.

She is founder and director of Wisdom of the Herbs School which offers Wisdom of the Herbs, a 96 hour Certification Program, the Wisdom Tutorials, and community wild plant walks. She is the author of Wisdom of the Herbs. Her experience includes founding and operating an herbal extract business for 15 years, growing Echinacea purpurea and goldenseal organically on a Vermont farm, and as a founding member of Transition Town Montpelier, creating resilience in community to meet the challenges and opportunities of these changing times.

"We are called to remember how to eat where we live, how to forage and make our medicine from local plants. We are called to create resilience in our communities, to re-skill and relocalize everything. And we are called to remember how to communicate with all our relations - the plant people, the water, the wind and the stars. All this, not because we will win or save anything, but because we as humans must walk with integrity, no matter where the road leads us. Above, below and within all that we know and do, we are called to look for the gift - there always is one - and to be kind, and to offer gratitude." From the Introduction to her book, Wisdom of the Herbs (revised 2017)

Annie embodies what it means to be a traditional herbalist. She teaches from the heart and knows the plants as intimates. Barbara Raab, herbalist, professor of horticulture at UVM.

Her wealth of knowledge and appreciation for each plant that we studied made me feel like I was being introduced to many of her dearest friends. L. M. Wisdom Home Tutorial Student

Guest Teachers

Nicholas Neddo, primitive skills instructor - Nicholas Neddo grew up in Orange, Vermont, spending his childhood days playing outside and learning from the woods, fields, swamps and mountains. Nicholas has studied wilderness survival and nature awareness as a student, volunteer and intern at the Tracker School since 1998. He has taught at the Rabbitstick and Wintercount primitive skills gatherings and has worked as a senior backcountry instructor in Utah and Montana. Nicholas is currently an instructor at the ROOTS School in Corinth, Vermont. He is the author of The Organic Artist which will introduce you to a new world of natural creativity. Not only is this book an in depth tutorial on how to make paint, pens, inks, charcoal, paint brushes, paper, crayons, sketchbooks, pottery and printmaking tools from the wild, it is also illustrated with a gallery of truly handmade artwork by the author, from his own wild-crafted mediums.

photo of MauriceMo Bissonnette, primitive skills instructor - Maurice (Mo) Bissonnette has been trained in wilderness survival for over 10 years and has studied at the Vermont Wilderness School and Hawk Circle Wilderness Education center. Mo founded Numina Wilderness School in Addison County, and is also currently teaching wilderness skills around the state, including at Earthwalk Vermont and Wisdom of the Herbs School. He grew up in Jerusalem, Vermont and has been a student of nature since he joined the Bristol tracking club in 8th grade. He soon found himself raised in the culture of naturalists, trackers and elders living in old ways.

Fearn Lickfield, flower essence instructor - Fearn is co-creator of the Green Mountain School of Druidry with her husband Ivan McBeth. She is a certified flower essence practitioner, Geomancer, Ecstatic Dance leader, avid gardener, and Priestess of Gaia. As facilitator, teacher and grounded spiritual counselor she guides the healing and connection of people with the spirit of the Earth.

Sarah Shapiro, primitive skills instructor - Sarah Shapiro grew up in East Montpelier, Vermont but didn't appreciate it until she moved back in 2005. Since then she has discovered the power and joy of becoming familiar with the local plants and animals that contribute so deeply to human health and survival. Since being reintroduced to nature, she has dived in and learned and taught nature awareness and ancestral skills with adults and children in Central Vermont.




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