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students at Wisdom of the Herbs School George Lisi, teacher at Wisdom of the Herbs School, overlooking a pond with students purple flowering raspberry Apprentice at Wisdom of the Herbs School Herbal apprentices around a fire

Welcome! Wisdom of the Herbs School offers unique experiential programs embracing the local herbaceous plants, trees and shrubs, holistic health, and sustainable living skills, valuable tools for living on the Earth in these changing times. Participants learn through herb walks and nature adventures, communion with Nature, lecture and discussion, hands-on wild harvesting and preparation of wild edibles and herbal home remedies, with intention and gratitude.

Our School encompasses much more than herbs - we offer perspectives on healthy life-style practices, primitive and homesteading skills, and the timelessness of communion between Nature and self. The emphasis is on integration of the intuitive and scientific, all in a relaxed, magical and grounded atmosphere.

Wisdom of the Herbs School is located in Woodbury, Vermont, on the east side of the Green Mountains, 20 minutes north of Montpelier, and just over an hour from Burlington. The surrounding exquisite wild lands offer a series of beaver ponds, dramatic falls and streams, a richness of open and wooded territory, and welcoming nature beings.

Our small class size maximizes the transformation that comes from multi-dimensional adventuring with the plant people.

Enjoy exploring our programs through this website and photographs. We welcome your inquiries by phone, mail or email. Join our email list and check out our page on Facebook.

Annie McCleary, Director and Herbalist

Photosynthesis is a transmutation of Love.
It is an energetic magic that
suffuses the world with a vibrant emerald energy,
vibrating first within the cells of the plants,
and continuing to vibrate within the cells
of the beings that eat them.

Deva Message received by George Lisi
June 1, 2002


Wisdom of the Herbs School
1005 County Road
East Calais, Vermont 05650

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